Types of Properties and Their Selling Points

When trying to understand property sales, one must first gain an understanding of the available types of properties, their characteristics, selling points, advantages and disadvantages. This page aims at offering some general pointers with regard to the different types of properties and their inherent particularities, which can make one type stand out in front of the others and vice-versa.

If one is to divide or classify the types of properties, there are multiple factors that can be taken into consideration as decisive denominators. Size, volume, age, functionality, location, etc. All these factors alone can constitute the basis of a basic classification of real estate and properties.

Two of the most common denominators used in property sales are the location and purpose of the corresponding properties. This leads to the determination of two large categories, the residential and commercial properties.

The residential category contains all those buildings and anthropic constructions that are located in residential areas, far away from the agglomerated zones and where the land itself is also quite costly, due to the very exclusive nature of the environment.

On the other hand, the commercial properties are those who are purpose-build for specific activities, businesses or operations. These can range from old storage facilities, pawn shops, warehouses, refrigerator units and up to banks or even schools. As long as the property and its corresponding space is within the rules that determine it as a functional space, it can be categorically classified as commercial.

Where the interesting part is, that although the residential properties are far more appealing and aesthetic, due to their increases price, they might poses a lower buying susceptibility than the commercial ones. Since the commercial properties and their corresponding spaces can easily be converted to new uses and activities, this makes them a quite easy object of sale, since all the services and activities in the commercial segment of any city or municipality are always seeking to extend.

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